I am an artist and designer. I am driven by creativity, empathy, and the desire to always be learning & growing.

Both my designs and artwork draw upon creating a sense of comfort for others. My dream is that when people finish viewing my artwork, they feel as though they just left a cozy and intimate home.

Through my artwork I would like to create a space for myself and others to feel a sense of belonging and inspiration. In my work I choose to represent my various identities and give the intersections between them a place to live visually. 

I would love to continue working with organizations that are trying to spread positivity and create positive change in their community. A goal of mine is to encourage creativity in others.

Aside from design and illustration, I also enjoy other creative fields such as reading and writing plays, theatre, poetry, and music. I play the piano and am learning how to play the steel pan. I also have an interest in languages and am currently learning French. I have a passion for travelling, and want my work to take me around the world.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Theatre from Florida State University.

Photo by Kristin Ringuette @ks.ringuettephotography