I am often trying out different mediums and ways of storytelling. Here I would like to showcase some of my artwork that didn’t fit perfectly under the other two labels. On this page you can find comics, zines, screen prints, videos and more.


Perfectly Lovely: A 14 page comic about a girl with magical powers who has a hard time feeling happy, but is strong & finds her way. I created it as an allegory for depression. My goal is that someone else who relates to the magical girl in the story reads it & finds hope. The entire comic was written and illustrated by me.

Finished in July 2020.

A screen printed illustration of the poem Love After Love by St. Lucian poet Derek Walcott.

A series of hand-sewn zines on the topic of fashion & sustainability, focusing on the city of Tallahassee, Florida. The zine was created by reusing fashion magazines, and includes interactive activities to inform others on how they can enjoy fashion while still being conscious of the effects of the fast-fashion indsutry. Read an article about the zine here.

Finished in July 2020.

The artworks showcased below were done by donation. The proceeds were donated to various fundraisers and programs in the Tallahassee, Florida community. Thank you so much to everyone that has donated. So far donations have gone to: The family of Mychael Johnson, The Tallahassee Community Action Committee, and Going Places Street Outreach.

If you are interested in this initiative, or have a comment/suggestion about places to donate to, please contact me.

To Love Yourself Again is a poem I wrote inspired by Love After Love by Derek Walcott. I decided to create a video because it felt like the best way to visually express the poem. This video was created with stock footage and the song is royalty-free.

Below is an unofficial music video I created using stock video footage for the song  “Je Pense à Toi” by Lewis ofMan. I made it in an effort to create a fun and easy way to practice French using French songs with simple lyrics.