In my non-design work my main medium is digital often using a combination of hand drawing and the Adobe Suite to recreate traditional textures. Although many of my portraits and landscapes are based on photographs, I also create more introspective “dreamscape” works from my imagination.


In my portraits I play with textures and colors, mimicking the appearances of traditional media. In my portraiture I purposefully choose to represent women, people of color, and queerness.

Below are dreamscape digital landscape paintings (2018) created from my imagination echoing a vision of comfort & ease. In these landscapes, I played with color, allowing myself to go deeper into my dreams, imagining these landscapes at different times of day.

In these dreamscape pieces (2020), I experimented with a process of hand drawing on paper, and then editing them digitally.

The following landscape digital paintings were created based on photographs I took of my home island of St. Lucia.