I aim to integrate my soft and illustrative style into my design work. I have worked with non-profits, educational institutions, small businesses, music labels, and radio stations, as well as simply creating designs as part of my personal practice and enjoyment. 

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Youth Climate Finance Alliance is a coalition of climate justice groups that are teaming up to target financial institutions that are funding the fossil fuel industry. I designed their branding including logos, typefaces, and colors.

FSU Sustainable Campus is Florida State University’s official Office of Sustainability. Below is a sample of my work from my time there as their graphic designer from 2017-2020.

During my time at Sustainable Campus I also worked as the Artistic Director for an exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. I helped in the selection and organization of exhibit materials, as well as designed all of the visual elements and formatted all of the exhibit captions and titles. The exhibit was supposed to open in FSU’s Strozier Library in April of 2020, but in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibit was made digital. Fortunately, this means you can still view it here

Sustainable Campus has over 8 different programs and initiatives that students at Florida State University can be involved with. These are a sample of the program flyers I created to advertise different social and volunteer events hosted by Sustainable Campus’ programs. As these flyers are aimed to students, I wanted the designs to look eye catching and fun.

Sustainability Showdown was a program designed to reward and encourage sustainable changes and behaviors in the residence halls, ultimately creating a culture of sustainability at FSU. These flyers were created to promote the campaign and show how residence halls can earn points. The direction for these designs was inspired by super hero comic books. The goal through these designs was to encourage a healthy, fun competition between students.

The Sustainability App is a part of Florida State University’s myFSU mobile app downloaded by over 50K+ students and alumni. I created these promotional flyers for the app, as well as many different graphics describing what can and cannot be recycled at different dining locations.

The Holopaw is a book given to every incoming FSU student during new student orientation over the summer before the start of the fall semester. These images are ads that I created for Sustainable Campus to be put into FSU’s Holopaw for the years 2018 and 2019.

The GIFs below were created to promote different areas of Sustainable Campus, such as the Seminole Organic Garden where students can grow their own organic produce; sustainable behaviors, such as using a reusable water bottle; and different Green Fund projects, such as the solar panel umbrellas and shower timers. 

The David Brower Center is a non-profit art gallery focused on environmental activism located in Berkeley, CA. The following graphics were designed for their social media and as promotional content for their gallery exhibitions.

The following one-pagers were displayed in the David Brower Center’s 2020 exhibition “Into Africa” featuring the work of Frans Lanting, one of National Geographic’s most prolific and visionary nature photographers. The documents I created showcased in-depth information about 9 organizations that are powering environmental movements across Africa. Learn more about it here

Carleton University’s Latin American & Caribbean Studies Department is in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Through this logo I aimed to represent the unity and culture of the Caribbean while also drawing upon Carleton University’s logo and colors. Visit their website here.

WVFS Tallahassee 89.7 FM, affectionately called V89 is the radio station of Florida State University. I’ve created various posters for their specialty shows as well as a SnapChat filter. I wanted these designs to be fun reflecting the playful and welcoming nature of the station. Learn more about them at their website.

Below is a collection of fan-art-posters I designed in celebration & appreciation of musical artists I like.

In order of the slideshow: Frank Ocean,  Kali Uchis, Princess Nokia, Raveena.

Insert Tapes is an independent record label based in Sweden. I’ve created the album & cassette tape art for the album Languor, a T-shirt design, and am in the process of working on the art for another tape. I wanted to convey a feeling of dreamy calmness through these designs. Listen to Languor here and purchase the T-shirt here.

A logo created for a small home-made pickling business based in Atlanta, Georgia.